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Opening Morning... Empty Opening Morning...

Post by littledel1 on Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:42 am

Just to let everyone know I had an eventful morning. Very Happy I got to my blind, (a pile of brush between me and my feeder), early. Deer were running everywhere as I sneaked through the woods. My feeder was to my left and my crossbow across my lap. After 2 hours I heard the deer coming...BUT, they came from behind and to my right. Not good. When the 5 does and 1 small buck were about 40 yards out the lead doe puts her head down and proceeds to trail me up like an old dog! I couldn't move. At 20 yards she sees me, affraid don't know how because I was camoed from top to bottom and had not moved a bit. She snorts and stomps and I couldn't move. The other deer were confused and after about 10 minutes they all just eased off and I was never able to adjust for a shot. Still had fun though. Oh and I put more brush around my blind and will be putting scent blocker on before I go next time. Surprised the doe could still pick up my trail after two hours. Very Happy


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Opening Morning... Empty Re: Opening Morning...

Post by LilyB on Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:21 pm

I went down to Rick's stand to retrieve his thermos & spooked 5. I got a draw on a big doe, but she was looking right at me - at 75 yards. I knew I couldn't make the shot - but it was great to get a chance to have a stare down with a doe. She won. I just left. I'll get her later. You'll get one tow.

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