Well placed shot wasn't enough.

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Well placed shot wasn't enough. Empty Well placed shot wasn't enough.

Post by creekcrawler on Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:59 pm

I said I was going to hold this back due to the bad light bow hunting already has on it as not being humane, but I will use it as a leason learned.

Couple days ago, Ben and I were hunting and about 0800hrs. I had four does move into my area. I drew back and the last on in the line stop at 13yds. with a perfect side view. I put my 20 pin a little low on her and let it fly, it was beautiful. I had never seen a shot that close or a more perfect presentation of a target. The shot was just a little higher but not too high and got a clean pass through. She looped around and stopped at 40yds. or so, she stood there while one of the others stomped and blew for about 5 or so minutes then just slowly walk off. After about 35-45 min. my Bro. and I met up and started the tracking process since I lost site of her. We got to where she had stopped and found large amounts of blood and tissue. Well we trailed it for about 30-40yds. and started finding just small spots then lost it all together. After about 2-3 three hours and returning to the start of the blood trail and starting over with it numerous time it was determined to be gone. This was by far the best shot I've ever had or made on a dear with a bow, best I can figure with the angle of entry and exit she didn't bleed that much out the entry wound due to it being higher on the body and I figure the exit wound bleeding was stopped by a portion of lung tissue blocking the hole. I've decided to for go useing the broadheads I have been and start useing the Rage 2 blade with the larger cut diameter.

This is not an endorsment for Rage broadheads in any way, but more of a leason learned on my part. What I've learned is make as big a hole as possible. The Rage will double the cut area I am of the heads I am using now.

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Well placed shot wasn't enough. Empty Re: Well placed shot wasn't enough.

Post by country101 on Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:11 pm

I shot the best buck of my life yesterday. 6 yards away from my stand. Great shot just to the side of the spine and barely behind the shoulders. Trailed it for 7+ hours. The bloodhound did most of the work, but after 7 hours it was still alive. One lung will go a long way. Hopefully the buzzards will find it and I will be able to recover the rack.

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